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Why I Create: Unearthing the Artist Within

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Five years ago, a spontaneous decision to embellish my son's abstract art sparked a transformative journey that I couldn't have foreseen. Drawing and painting became my daily companions, captivating my attention to the point where I would lose track of time, and sometimes, unintentionally, even skip meals.

The act of creating art became a lifeline, grounding me in the present moment and replacing the relentless replay of past negativity that had plagued my mind for over a year before my artistic awakening. The change was remarkable; I felt energized, maintained a consistently upbeat mood, and even caught myself humming while doing household chores.

Art filled the void in my life, replacing the murky waters of my past with newfound purpose. However, it came with its own set of challenges, including emotional meltdowns when unexpected interruptions disrupted my precious drawing and painting time—a topic I'll delve into later.

My artistic process is one of spontaneity and freestyle. I dive into each piece, often beginning with a canvas splattered with paint or adorned with random shapes. I employ various tools like pens, acrylic paints, brushes, and painter tools. While I endeavor to complete every sketchbook piece, some remain as backgrounds or sketches until they beckon me to return and breathe life into them.

My approach is experimental, shaped by my background as a musician who plays by ear rather than reading sheet music. I've absorbed knowledge from countless YouTube tutorials, finding value in hands-on learning rather than meticulously following directions.

During my artistic sessions, music serves as both a companion and a wellspring of inspiration. I venture into new musical realms and sometimes relish the silence, broken only by the hum of fans, birdsong, and passing cars.

As for my goals, I aspire to keep evolving as an artist, emphasizing patience as my most crucial companion on this creative journey. I aim to complete a thousand paintings, embracing consistent practice as the key to honing my skills. Short-term objectives include maximizing my current resources and connecting with fellow creatives, fostering potential collaboration.

Inspiration unfurls before me like a boundless tapestry. Music, nature's beauty (with mountains and oceans in my view), learning, manga, anime, books, and the stories of fellow artists all ignite my creative flame. The act of discovering new artists and their works parallels my dedication to practicing my musical craft. I am in awe of the countless talents, both past and present, and continue to build a catalog of my favorite artists and their creations.

In conclusion, my artistic journey is ongoing, an unceasing quest for improvement and self-expression. I savor the creative process for its stress relief and mental health benefits, cherishing the newfound connections I've made with fellow creatives. As I look ahead, collaborations and artistic growth remain my aspirations, underpinned by the unwavering belief that art will forever be a part of my life's narrative.


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