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The Unorganized Artist: Creating in the Clutter

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Hey there! So, I've been busy creating an art inventory, and you won't believe what I found when I opened my paintings folder on my laptop – a staggering 155 images! They range from 2020 up to today. One of my goals is to sift through them, separating my finished work from personal or practice pieces. Naming each painting has been a bit of a puzzle, but I did some digging and stumbled upon some cool tips that I'll share later in this post. Today, I'm here to give you an update on my art inventory project.

"I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious." - Albert Einstein

one slide for each painting, also have the option to do sequence / before & after as well

I kicked off this art inventory spreadsheet back in 2022. But, I'll be honest, I haven't been the most diligent keeper-upper.

It's just that the muse keeps whispering, and I can't resist making more art! Plus, I've got this habit of working on up to five sketchbooks at once. More options, they said. But here's the twist – sometimes I forget about a piece I started and then, out of the blue, I rediscover it, usually months down the road. So, here's the plan: whenever I add a new painting, I make sure to tag it with a name that'll trigger my memory later.


Choosing the "perfect" title for each painting often feels like a puzzle to me, and I find myself resorting to temporary or 'nicknames' for them. I know, it might sound like I'm overthinking it, but it's all part of the creative process. On one hand, a whimsical title seems fitting, but then I wonder if something as straightforward as 'abstract green-red' would suffice. I've also come across artists who take a minimalist route by using numbers, but that doesn't quite resonate with me. So, I did what any curious mind would do – I turned to Google, searching for 'How to Name Artwork,' and I stumbled upon a list of tips:

How to Name Art? (20 Options)

Album titles
Song lyrics
Lines from a song
Lines from poems (mine or others)
Existential Questions
Childhood memories, That time I…
Themes, phrases from dreams
Well known phrases, idioms
Book & Movie Titles
Phrase from Book, Movie or TV series
Fairytale themes
Joke punchlines
Bible, sacred text
Street names
First Names
Favorite Words
Word combos, phrases (can be random)

Here are 29 Word Combos/Random Phrases:

Action Breath
Atomic Arcade
Bait Band
Bottomless Blouse
Celery Wish
Collective Peer Pressure
Daily Existential Crisis
Desk Stranger
Government Haircut
Guitar Farmer
Hamster Mentalist
Homeless with a half-orc
Implode Decode
Lamp Shoes
Mitten Manager
Pancake Security
Paradox Pelican
Quiver Cook
Riddle Shoes
Snail Support
The blind tomb pig
The legless murderer
The night of Robomamba
The Sundown Clown
Tulpa Tilapia
Vest Hands
Wizard's Studio
Yard Talk

Random Word Generators I Use:


Pro Tip - Carry around a Notebook jot down ideas as they manifest...



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