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The Journey Begins - An Introduction to Worldbuilding

What is Worldbuilding?
Wiki - Worldbuilding is the process of constructing a world, originally an imaginary one, sometimes associated with a fictional universe including: setting, history, geography, ecology, economics, world creation, new cultures and languages, magic systems or new technologies.

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Why am I worldbuilding? (3 Reasons)

-1 Writing a Story or Series of Stories
-2 RPG Gameplay with Group or Solo-RPG
-3 Passion Project or Hobby

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Getting Ideas Down (on Paper you can always throw them away)

Carry notebook or use notes on your phone or record yourself talking (creative process and how ideas appear from subconscious later usually when you don't expect it like driving or in the shower)
I've found that recording myself just talking about the story or a character and then using voice to text software can help my process especially if I have a complex idea and am afraid it will fade; I want to get down the details. 
I can not write or type as fast as my thoughts (this is one of the reasons I handwrite 2-3 pages a day, forces me to slow down)
Later reflect on the ideas and start to put them into relevant categories
Do you have Specific Goals for your World(s)?
Examples: goal is to have original mythology and stories (or some background facts)
I want my new mythology to be a mix of classic and fantasy mythological elements to create a diverse and unique world

How scientifically do you want your world to be? Using elemental magic or gravity, time, teleportation etc? Its also ok to use "because magic" but its important to work this out or have some general ideas

Do I have a universe, multiverse, different planes of existence (yes)
using an earth-like setting makes it easier for readers and viewers to connect with the world and its inhabitants.

Fantasy elements: magic and fantasy creatures, drawing inspiration from mythologies
I want to use multiple races so I need to develop societies and cultures beyond biological evolution, basically work out basic economics and sociology to make sure the race's behaviors don't conflict with their belief system.

Using existing fantasy tropes for elves, orcs etc or modifying standard fantasy race tropes to make them unique and it can be subtle or major changes

When adding elements like a giant wandering monster or castle ruins, consider why it exists and why it is relevant at this particular moment in your story or it could be Foreshadowing

Use Social Combat: Develop interesting rules for social encounters to complement the existing  combat rules. This adds another layer of depth to character interactions. (NPC Conflict Resolution Table)

Use of Random Tables and some SoloRPG techniques for Story Writing if stuck

God or Gods, how do they affect Magic or the World?
Of corse there are many more elements and categories these are some basics to start with

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Useful Tips for My World

The early stages of worldbuilding is an open process (it shouldn't by overwhelming) to allow elements to fall into place as the story and characters interact as the story progresses, the world will open up and expand as needed. 

I learned not to  try to create every detail of the world before beginning the story or game. And this is exactly what I did in my first video where I made too many ideas that I collected over the years. This is known as the Outside In approach where you start with tons of lore and work your way down to the story. And this advice is for me; in other cases where existing worlds like Middle Earth, already have tons of established Canon, this top down approach does make sense.

A refreshing re-start with basic outlines and develop details as the story or game progresses. When I had tons of ideas; more and more constraints were placed if I wanted to keep my world consistent.
Reminder to be patient with myself and patient with the process because worldbuilding is a journey rather than a destination and encourages to use the approach and techniques that work for your own creative process.

I decided to start over and use the Inside Out Method - starting small and expanding out. My story starts with the protagonist and as events happen, it will lead to more new content to build upon.

Too much Complexity can overwhelm the audience and the potential complicate your novel in the long run. It may also be challenging for a general audience if too many complex themes overshadow the basics like character development or plot progression.

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Covered the concept of Worldbuilding and different uses or goals, (Writing, RPG)

Importance of recording your ideas, or record your voice

In the early stages, don’t stress about needing to know everything about your world (unless you writing fan fiction for LOTR which already has tons of canon lore)

Ask if you have specific goals, if your not sure, make a list, write about it or sleep on it

Be patient and remember this is a long term project, one day at a time.

Worldbuilding Resources:

Worldbuilding Software: Legend Keeper

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