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New Blog Category: My Art Process - Nov 30, 2023

I've just introduced a new blog category, 'My Art Process,' inspired by a sudden zap of creativity fueled by my trusty cup of coffee this morning. The idea struck me as a simple yet effective method for regular check-ins, which I can undertake either daily or weekly. Through this category, I aim to share my thoughts and showcase images that encapsulate my creative journey—whether it's what I'm drawing, painting, learning, and more.

Art by Brent Skillicorn
New Category: My Art Process

1. Current Work (drawings/paints/studio/materials/cats)
2. Showcase 1 Painting per Post


Licorn the kitten with a poofy tail

Drawing Circles Technique

Today, I'll be sharing some of my 'circle sketches,' where I create images by drawing various-sized circles until a recognizable form takes shape—sometimes, not so much. I find joy in crafting these sketches as a means of taking a break from my usual stint in 'digital mode' in front of the computer. 

The process involves drawing circles spontaneously, filling in the empty spaces without the need for meticulous planning. It serves as an activity I can engage in without conscious thought, allowing for a spontaneous expression of creativity. Occasionally, my new kitten, 'Licorn,' adds a playful touch by chasing my pen, just in case there are any 'mistakes' (just kidding).


Drawings/Sketches - November 30, 2023

Art by Brent Skillicorn


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