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Generate Free Music with Waveformer

I wanted to create some original theme music for an audio introduction for a project I'm working on. And I did not want to spend a lot of time gathering samples etc so I decided to quick search online and I found a free (no account required) and easy to use website called: Waveformer = text-to-music.

The process is quick and simple; you just type in a few words and wait for your music sample to be processed, and it will start playing. You also have the option to download a video file which includes the EQ graphics (see image below).

Text Prompt: Space Opera End Credits


Here's how you can generate a music sample in 3 simple step
The process usually takes about one minute or less

Step 01 - Visit Waveformer - It's 100% Free and NO Account is Required

Step 02 - Type different word combinations/text prompts to get an 8 second sample (this is the default tinme). (You can change this but I have not gone over 10 seconds myself). When your'e ready, click Make music and be patient; it can take anywhere from a few seconds to a minute to process and generate your music/video sample which start playing when it's ready.

Step 03 - There are 3 Save Options:

1. Download Audio - wav file
2. Download Video - mp4 file
3. Copy Link - to Paste

Now you have an audio or video file that you can edit - loop, shorten, lengthen, add audio effects or add additional samples. Again, I like the fact that this tool is quick and easy to use, although I did try a number of text prompts and it was hit or miss but I definetly had fun. My hope is that this could be a tool for another content creator to use.

Check out some of the text prompts and the music I was able to generate:

Text Prompt: 1000 Frogs


Text Prompt: 1940s Baseball Organ

Text Prompt: Old School Ska



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