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Exploring the Art of Sketching

Amidst my painting endeavors, I found a compelling urge to step away momentarily and dive into the world of sketching with pens. Sketching, for me, unfolds as a distinctive process. It typically begins with a singular mark or rudimentary shape, and from there, it branches out organically until it crystallizes into something concrete. This "something" is a fluid entity, liable to change multiple times during the creative journey. It might commence as an assortment of abstract shapes, morph into discernible faces, and then, perhaps, transform into a flock of birds.

One of my recent practices involves adorning the walls of my home studio with my artwork. This arrangement offers me a unique vantage point where I can constantly observe the drawings and paintings currently in progress. Inspiration often strikes unexpectedly, or I might chance upon a new perspective that needs exploration. Even my older works find a place, albeit higher on the walls, where they linger for months. 

Then, one fine morning, a fresh viewpoint emerges – maybe a hidden facial profile or a new path to enhance an existing painting. I ponder why I failed to notice these elements earlier. It's in these moments that I remind myself of the significance of patience in the realm of artistry, both with my own progress and the evolution of my creations. There's no need to rush; the art unfolds at its own pace.

“When in doubt, choose change.” Anonymous


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