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Dreams Into Action

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

For me, "Dreams Into Action" by Milton Katselas (1996) holds a special place among my treasured motivational reads. I've just recently completed my third journey through its pages, diligently documenting my favorite quotes and immersing myself in its 31 thought-provoking writing exercises. My first encounter with this transformative book was through mini disks, back in 1998, where I'd listen to the author's voice. To safeguard these invaluable insights from the perils of humidity, I undertook the task of transferring them from cassette tapes. While I do intend to write a dedicated book review in the future, today, I'm eager to share a glimpse of the wisdom and inspiration found within its pages.


"Change is possible. Change and the ability to bring about change is what this book is about."


"Many approach their lives and jobs, in an uninvolved, rote fashion... It's just watching your job and your life slide by. Are you participating or just going through the motions as the clock ticks on?" (Forward)

"Get yourself a sturdy, well-ordered desk where you can work to organize your career concept and plan your daily activities without any distractions or interruptions. This desk will function as your launching pad." (pg. 17)

How to read a book: "Put your ear up and let the guy talk into it." (pg. 40)

Ultimately, this book's goal is to help the reader identify their inner dream and then to help the reader decide what to do with their life. And the first writing exercise is so simple yet difficult for me to put into words. Here is the prompt:

"State your dream. Just let it out. Say it aloud. Write it down." (pg. 5)

My homework is to work on a well worded answer to this question. Let me sleep on this and I will return with an update sometime in the not too distant future...



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