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Crafting Creativity: Unveiling the Secrets of 'Show Your Work!' by Austin Kleon

Intro - Sum Up the Book in 3 Sentences

'Show Your Work!' by Austin Kleon is a book that gives the artist or creator permission to let their guard down as they document their creative journey. Filled with a wealth of insightful ideas, compelling quotes, and transformative concepts, the book delves into the essential 'what, why, and how' aspects of showcasing one's creative process. It not only explores the potential challenges but also equips readers with the tools to navigate them.

In its simplicity, this book becomes a timeless resource, offering enduring value for future revisits. Whether you're an author, artist, musician, or anyone in pursuit of creativity, 'Show Your Work!' provides a source of inspiration and wisdom, making it an indispensable companion for anyone seeking to amplify their creative journey.

Here is My Personal Summary
- Step 1 - Wonder about something
- Step 2 - Invite others to wonder with me
- Digital Library - organized by Topics vs Chronological Order (Obsidian)
- Leave breadcrumbs / hook / key terms / phrases like - "Cosmic Art Flow"
- Do it for fun and don't think about money $

Art by Brent Skillicorn

- Give secrets away like Bob Ross
- Swipe Vault - Stuff I steal (Specific & Subjective)
- Creativity is Subtraction - what to leave out vs what's really important
- Write what you Like & all Art is Fan Fiction
- Deep Dive One Master at a Time, then move on to the next one
- Write Praise Letters (even if I don't end up sending them)
- Logbook = daily notes (set up in Obsidian)

The "Don't Give Up!" Kitten

If You're Feeling Stuck or Loosing Steam ...

Option 1 - Take a shower for a reset (can be done multiple times a day)
Option 2 - Take a break to clean, take a walk, pet the cat
Option 3 - Gratitude breath / mindfulness exercise
Option 4 - Consume art, music, podcast, read a book, research online (add to Swipe Vault?)
Option 5 - Get out of your comfort zone, park, nature, coffee shop, library, mall
Option 6 - Put constraints / limitations on yourself / use what you have & do your best work

Overwhelmed with Notes and Ideas!

Top 3 Quotes From the Book

"...the only way to find your voice is to use it. Talk about the things you love. Your voice will follow." (pg 21)

"Don't think of your website as a self-promotion machine, think of it as a self-invention machine. Online, you can become the person you really want to be. Fill your website with your work and your ideas and the stuff you care about." (pg 67)

"Think about it in the long term. Stick with it, maintain it, and let it change with you over time." (pg 69)

Grey & Green Abstract (2021) by Brent Skillicorn

Conclusion / References

I've been re-reading and working through this book as well as these additional references:


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