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Animate Your Drawings for Free with Sketch Canvas

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

I discovered a new website called Animated Drawings that is free and allows users to animate their drawn pictures. Today I'll go over the simple process of uploading images of drawings and turning them into moving pictures.

What Can You Do At Sketch Canvas?

The website is easy to use and requires users to upload their drawings, which can then be animated to move around. The website is a great (FREE) tool for parents and children to bring their drawings to life and can be used to create fun animations. Overall, the website is a great tool for anyone who wants to explore animation and bring their drawings to life. Some of the features of the website include:

Animate Drawings: The website allows users to animate their drawings and making the characters move around. Choose from 4 Motions or Modes:


Demo Pictures: The website provides demo pictures that users can use to practice animating.

JavaScript Enabled: The website requires JavaScript to be enabled to run.

How To Animate Characters Using Sketch Canvas

To animate characters in SketchCanvas follow these steps:

1. Take a picture of your drawing on a white piece of paper
3. Click "Get Started" and upload your photo
4. Once the photo updates, click "Next" It will scan the picture, select agree
5. It will ask you to find a character. Make sure that your character's fits in the crop box, then click "Next"
6. Once it's scanned your character, make sure that your arms and limbs are within the frame. If not, you want to highlight them or draw them with a pencil tool
7. Click "Animate" to see your character come to life

How to Download Your Finished Animation

To download your finished animated picture from Sketch Canvas, just look for the 'Share' button located under your animated picture. Once clicked, you can decide to email, text etc. The file size is pretty small, and once you have the video-title.mp4 file. My 27 second animation clip is just 2 MB. Then, you can use Quicktime or any video editing software if you want to re-save it in a different format. For example, My 27 second .mov clip is 6.3 MB.



Final Thoughts

Sketch Canvas by metademolab is a user-friendly website designed for students and children to animate their drawings effortlessly. The platform offers a simple and engaging experience, making it an ideal tool for both education and creativity. Users can easily upload and animate hand-drawn pictures, enhancing artistic expression in an interactive way.



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